Frequently Asked Questions

NOMV is governed by a Board of Directors. The daily operations of NOMV are run by the Executive Director.

Go to the Leadership page for information and bios of all our Board Members and staff.

Content on the NOMV Support Forums can only be seen by forum members. We encourage our members to remember that true privacy is difficult to achieve on the internet. If you are concerned about content being seen by others, we encourage you to use our anonymous posting service. When you message our support page, only our moderators will know where the content is from. They are held to strict confidentiality rules. They will review your content, to make sure it is anonymous and follows forum rules, and then post it to the forum on your behalf.

The primary focus of our support forums is peer-to-peer support. Only veterinary professionals and students are allowed within the support forums. However, we do allow some posts that are beneficial to our members. To inquire about making a research project, CE, or other resources available to NOMV members, go to the NOMV Resources page.

We welcome everyone who wants to help raise funds for NOMV. Please email